We are committed to fostering the development of our investments in a way that offers a well-founded opportunity with a constructive impact on healthcare. As a result of these considerations, Masqana Investments, LLC is principally a lead investor that will syndicate with like-minded co-investors and family offices in early-stage companies. To be considered for investment, these companies, technologies and/or entrepreneurs must demonstrate unique product attributes to improve healthcare. These commercially viable impact investments have the potential to advance the quality of life of people around the world. We executed social impact investments can prove to be both beneficial and to act as a catalyst for global systemic change. We firmly believe in the well-being of people across the globe and strive for progressive change in healthcare within the United States and internationally. Currently, many NGOs, charities and social agencies play an essential role in addressing some of the major social health challenges. Some of these difficulties range from matters, such as incorporating innovative and technologically advanced models to ultimately supporting the successful integration of social healthcare and focused investments. Masqana has the ability to align itself with non-profit organizations involved in the pursuit of global good in healthcare.
Our investments are intended to support and advance the expansion of new therapeutics, novel diagnostics, and healthcare delivery through mobile apps and telemedicine. Even though advances in medicine and medical science have accomplished remarkable results over the past 50 years, there is still much to be done to improve health globally. Infectious diseases, genetic disease and illness still is rampant and new therapeutic molecules and diagnostic tools have the potential to completely eradicate disease. We believe that by investing in global healthcare, we serve a much higher purpose. Through our investment activities, we create sustainable healthcare for people all around the world. Due to the ever-changing environment and continuously emerging newer challenges, there is a strong need for consistent funding for the healthcare sector. Today, there is a pipeline full of medical interventions under development, and a tremendous need for their completion. Additional funds are needed to bring these interventions to where they are needed the most so that they can bring solutions to the healthcare sector.