Masqana Overview

Masquana Investments Fund I is a $100-125 million social impact investment fund that invests in companies with unique technologies in the areas of healthcare delivery or medical products. Each company considered for the Masqana Investment Fund is thoroughly evaluated to meet specific requirements. The first criteria we use aims to determine whether these candidate portfolio companies demonstrate the potential to improve quality of life and longevity of underserved populations. Quality healthcare is a fundamental human right, yet, still today, the gaps that exist in the quality of healthcare are immense. The availability of medical innovations, access to essential healthcare services varies significantly from one part of the world to the other. Technology has the potential to eliminate these global disparities. We aim to improve quality while simultaneously reducing cost.

Family offices are the primary investors in Masqana. Our private wealth management with a genuinely unique deal flow makes us particularly attractive to our clients. Furthermore, we differ from traditional wealth management groups in other ways as well. Our unique process through which companies become part of our portfolio sets us apart from others in the wealth management space. Due to our outstanding reputation, a significant percentage of our offerings include companies that approach us to be considered to be part of our portfolio. Thanks to our extensive network and principal-driven investment philosophy, we can attract high-quality candidate portfolio companies.