Family offices are a type of private wealth management advisory firms that specialize in serving high-net-worth investors. They differ from traditional wealth management companies in several ways. Family offices offer a complete financial and investment solution to a wealthy individual or family. Generally, wealth management is just one of the many services provided by most family offices. Some of the other areas of expertise include charitable giving, budgeting, insurance, and even tax services.

There are two main types of family offices:

1. Single-family office
2. Multi-family offices (MFOs)

Single-family offices serve one affluent family while multi-family offices serve many clients at once. MFOs are more closely related to traditional private wealth management practices in that they don’t only serve the needs of one client.

To meet the needs of ultra-affluent clients, family offices bring together a team of highly competent professionals with expertise in specific areas. Highly-trained lawyers, insurance agents, investment advisors, and others come together collaboratively to give advice and offer solutions.

We at Masqana Investment Fund are committed to offering social investment funds to such family offices. Through our investment offerings, we make sure that such family offices can fulfill their missions and bring a positive change in the healthcare sector. We find it extremely gratifying that through our investment solutions, we are indirectly improving the quality of health standards of humans around the world.

To family office investors aiming to improve their performance, Masqana offers several potential resources. We work tirelessly to help our investors achieve their objectives so that they can accomplish their goals. Together, we strive to improve the health of people around the globe. Our portfolio is a combination of companies that represent the current healthcare sector as well as the rapidly evolving advancements. Investing with us provides an exclusive opportunity to capitalize in different businesses currently present on varying stages of development.